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RTP range of room fresheners are unique water soluble anti-microbial which not only spreads lovely fragrance but also retains the fragrance for a long period. Its very ECONOMICAL as it can be diluted up to 40 PARTS with water. It does not leave any residue. Its non flammable and contains NON TOXIC /ODS FREE substances.

The following fragrances are available at present

Thalam Range

CPR Masti, CPR Sandal, CPR Royal, CPR Midnight, CPR Frag

Ragam Range

CPR Fantasy, CPR Lavender, CPR Lemon, CPR Shart, CPR Opan, CPR Rard

Pallavi Range

CPR French Apple, CPR Jasmine, CPR Rose, CPR Cool, CPR Lavo, CPR Romantic